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Aus der GMA Datenbank
activator QSOs 171748
with stations in 149 countries
activated summits in 27 countries
chaser QSOs 106976
with stations in 50 countries
total activations 8322
activated summits 3425
activations in Sep 2014 1
in Aug 2014 361
in Jul 2014 266
Top 3 most activated summits
1.DA/BM-199 Auf der Schanz108
2.DA/NI-256 Kalenberg97
3.DM/BW-228 Hummelsberg67
Top 3 most chased summits
1.HB/ZH-015 Altberg768
2.DM/SX-003 Kahleberg374
3.DM/BW-228 Hummelsberg355
We also activated
WWFF Areas198
Islands (IOTA)18
Castles (COTA)56
and we chased
WWFF Areas2228
Islands (IOTA)422
Castles (COTA)1696

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GMA - References ... DA/DM/DL/OE/OE∅/OL ... Here you can read about DA, DM, DL and OE, OE∅-References


DL0GMA with special DOK GMA

DL0GMA is the clubcall of IG GMA and member of DARC DOK X17, Gotha, in Thuringia. The Call is used for outdoor activities. If you are operating from Germany and would like to use this callsign, then contact please the resonsible OM Lutz, DJ3AX.

Requests to: dl0gma (ät)

IG GMA - Germany Mountain Activity Group

In this group will meet radio amateurs who want to act their hobby together outdoors or want to combine hiking with some nice HAM-radio contacts. But even those HAMs who will perform VHF DX from top of a mountain or even participate in contests. Interested people should be kept on the nature and the amateur radio.

And finally, there are also those radio amateurs who enjoy it to accompany the mountain radio operator by radio and get as many mountain QSOs in the loog book.

To make things even a bit more exciting there is the "German Mountain Award", a continuous competition in which you can earn points and certificates and the "German Mountain Challenge", an annual competition which is equally exciting for for mountain radio operators and home operators.

Outside of Germany are GMA references possible, too. Plase coordinate with one administrator of GMA the used prefix, so that there is no confusion with other HAM Radio mountain programs.

To take part in the GMA program and challenges it is not necessary to become a member of IG GMA.

GMA - German Mountain Award

Mountain radio without if's and buts. Any summit from 100m above sea level can be activated. Germany: all non-SOTA references assign the prefix DA/, SOTA references are of course valid and assign the prefix DM/ and DL/). Outside Germany: all references of all mountains activity programs (i.e. WMA, SOTA, HuMPs Award) are valid for the scheme. There will be points awarded per qualifying summit on the GMA account. On this website the QSOs can be uploaded and compared with results from other HAM-radio operators.

GMC - German Mountain Challenge

The activities of the GMA can be incorporated into the GMC. The points system is designed differently. Good tactics and taking advantage of bonus points makes the GMC a radio play-ground. At the end of the year the winner will be crowned.

S2S Weekend Activity

S2S = Summit to Summit. Each quarter of the year activity days will be held. This means: Double points per activation and double points for each QSO for chasers.

DOWNLOAD the complete rules as PDF

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DA/ND-048 Teufelsberg in Berlin
01.09.2014, 21:29
von DF2GN
in Norddeutschland - DA/ND
GMA-Supporter Nachfolge gesucht
01.09.2014, 16:41
von DK2RMP
Config Stats Menue
01.09.2014, 16:14
von dl4mfm
DM/RP-150 Kinheimer Höhe
01.09.2014, 11:48
von dj9mh
in Rheinland-Pfalz - DA/RP oder DM/RP
Chaser Log 31.08.2014
31.08.2014, 20:52
von dl4mfm

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